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Experiencing issues with your A/C? Whether it's not cooling your home or your thermostat has malfunctioned, or you're hearing strange noises from the fan, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help!

AC Repair Services

If your air conditioner is not functioning due to leaking refrigerant liquid, then you need prompt assistance. Our technicians can easily manage any minor or major AC faults. They also provide genuine spare parts installation if any spare parts need to be replaced.

AC Cleaning

Can you smell a foul odour from your AC? It must be due to the clogging of the drainage pipes. Then, you might need an impeccable AC repair and cleaning service from us. The technician would clean the AC components along with the AC duct rendering a hygienic environment.

AC Installation

You need a professional and experienced technician to get your AC installed. An installation process requires a good understanding of the wiring and other electrical measures, be it in the house or commercial buildings. With our AC repair Dubai service, you get the job done efficiently.

AC Maintenance

Get AC Service for Any type of AC by monthly or annual maintenance services throughout United Arab Emirates. So you can contact us at any time.

Air-Flow Balance Assessment

In case your air conditioner can’t cool the environment, then it indicates that there is a hindrance in the airflow. Our professional will visit your place and take an overall survey of the air-flow balance of your air conditioning system and repair it.

Refrigeration Solutions

Experts in refrigeration, we can design and supply any cold containment solution for any sector.

Our Expertise

Trust the Professionals at Fujico Heating and Cooling Solutions

Rely on the expertise of Fujico Heating and Cooling Solutions. Our professionals bring top-notch HVAC solutions to ensure your comfort all year round.

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Are you in need of an Air Conditioning Repair Service by a Professional Team?

Our AC Services Can Give You The Following Benefits,


Purify Air Quality


Increase System Efficiency


Extend The Lifetime Of The System


Reduce Energy Bills

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